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Timeline Wedding Invitations
Timeline Wedding Invitation
New activities guide 2012 SLIDER
YUSU Activities & Sports Guide
Woodstock Slider
Woodstock 2012 Festival Branding
Susie's Tea Rooms Loyalty cards
Branding for Susie's Tea Rooms
The Cakery Branding
Vintage Fair Slider
Pink Flamingo Vintage Fair
Impact Report Back Cover 2
YUSU Impact Report 2010-2011

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Check out my full portfolio of work.

Charlotte J Hancocks
Graphic Designer and Front-End Web Developer/Designer. Loves #graphicdesign #branding #webdesign #illustration
  • "Looove me....tomorrow" ...Leon I love you today! #gogglebox #c4
  • ....having to put !important on all my styles at the moment even though they were working a few days ago. Don't understand why!
  • OS X and iOS inch closer together....such a shame. Apple is really losing it for me. http://t.co/HPiLt5D0zq #apple #os #ios #design
Recent Pins
  • Central Park #modern
  • Colorful vintage not
  • Early 90s style grap
  • Vintage 80's Pop Art

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